The Kitchen

When in Gothenburg, one of the few spots I never miss is The Kitchen. Part of Artilleriet store, The Kitchen is dedicated to carefully selected items for gathering. I love to walk slowly around this store, paying attention to all details and always taking something with me home.

"It is where we drink our wine. This is where we share our secrets where we make mistakes. This is where we are creative. It is where we read the paper, where we can be alone it is where we all come close. It is where we gather, no matter how crowded."
Magasinsgatan 19, Gothenburg, Sweden


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Floramor & Krukatös

This is my dream plant shop. Slightly off the beaten path, when you find this inner yard is practically impossible to ignore it and continue walking without peeking in.


Haga is a charming area of traditional wood buildings and cobbled streets, home to 17th-century fortress Skansen Kronan.


The main botanical garden of Gothenburg is a bit far off the city centre, but this beautiful greenhouse is right by Centralstationen, so it's hard to miss it.

Skansen Kronan

In a hill by the streets of Haga, there is Skansen Kronan, an old fortress with a stunning view over the city.