T R A V E L   S T O R Y 
A train up north.
Snow, waffles, and the most magical sunsets.

Back to Tällberg on an Early Morning

To me, a trip that starts in a train station is always a good trip. For someone who is ridiculously scared of flying, traveling by train is like a gift. I love being able to discover places that are relatively close, and I truly enjoy train journeys. I had been in Tällberg back in 2015, during a road-trip around Dalarna with my beloved friend Sara, so it didn't come by surprise the beauty of this place. Graeme and I took a train from Stockholm very early in the morning, and after a three hours trip, we arrived to Tällberg station. 
Just a few people got out the train, and soon everyone had found their way and we were the only ones left on the platform. We must have looked lost, because a woman approached us while we were looking for the bus stop, and offered us a ride to the center of the village. During the ten minutes car ride we had a nice conversation and she told us that Tällberg was a very small town –of not more 200 inhabitants– but that, funny enough, it had eight hotels.


Amongst the eight, we picked Tällbergsgården, which also happened to have one of the best restaurants in town. We spent three beautiful days enjoying the breathtaking scenery, having long breakfasts sitting by the fire, walking down to the frosty beach, eating waffles at the local café, and we even dared to walk across the frozen lake Siljan. A beautiful trip to a place with the most stunning sunsets I have ever seen.

A special place

Ever since this trip we talk a lot about Tällberg, dreaming of coming back with our little girl and our doggie one day. To show them one the places that have our story written, and to rediscover it through their eyes.

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