A Summer of firsts

September 12th 2021
My parents home, Peñíscola (Spain)
Listening to
My parents playing with Moa
"Este año es diferente" says Graeme to my parents with endearment every time I leave the table before ten to get Moa to sleep. Or when we walk home from the beach before the sun gets too strong. It has been different, indeed, to adapt our traditional summer routines to her. It has been at the same time wonderful, witnessing how she fits perfectly into all of them. 

It has been a summer of firsts, for our little girl. First time swimming in the sea, and in the swimming pool. We have discovered that she loves water, and it's a great joy seeing her so happy when we put our bathing suits on, ready for another dip. Her first teeth have grown here, giving her a cheeky little grin. One day she suddenly started sitting up all by herself. She discovered she absolutely loves ice-cream, even though she is too young for it yet. She has started to sleep alone in grandad's bed, and has been part of all of our meals, sitting in her high chair.

Her soft skin has been sun-kissed, and also gotten salty for the first time. Her short hair has gone blonder, and her big blue eyes have gone brighter.

It has been a different summer this year. But also the best one yet.


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