There is something about greenhouses that makes me feel at ease. For that reason, botanical gardens and green houses are probably the first things I look for every time I visit a new city. The main botanical garden of Gothenburg is a bit far off the city centre, but this beautiful greenhouse is right by Centralstationen, so I try to never miss it whenever I go back to this charming city. Last time we visited Palmhuset was during my birthday a few years ago. It was a very cold February, and this place was the perfect shelter for the rainy weather, which seems to be a constant in Gothenburg.
Slussgatan 1, Gothenburg, Sweden


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Skansen Kronan

In a hill by the streets of Haga, there is Skansen Kronan, an old fortress with a stunning view over the city.

The Kitchen

When in Gothenburg, one of the few spots I never miss is The Kitchen. The Kitchen is dedicated to carefully selected items for gathering.

Da Matteo

There is a certain relaxed atmosphere at Da Matteo. This time, the terrace was full of people wearing sunglasses and having iced lattes.

Floramor & Krukatös

This is my dream plant shop. Slightly off the beaten path, when you find this inner yard is practically impossible to ignore it and continue walking without peeking in.