A Trip Up North

Date: February 2020 
Location: Åre, Sweden
Soundtrack: Graeme Wylie
We were having a glass of wine at Tygge&Sessil, the evening before my 30th birthday. Graeme's hands on my knees, he asked: “do you want to know where we are going tomorrow?” His eyes were glowing. I said yes, and he showed me a picture of a cabin by a lake at the feet of a mountain, a snowy winterscape. “Here. It’s a seven hour train journey.” I smiled while looking at him, smitten. He added: “You said all you wanted for your 30th birthday was nature and snow, I think we will find both of them there”.

First Days of Summer

Date: May 2019
Location: Gotland, Sweden
Soundtrack: From the Window, Graeme Wylie
First trip as a family of three. Packed our bags and jumped on a ferry to the island of Gotland. A few days in Visby, going out for long walks under the sun, eating ice-cream, having drinks in the square and enjoying our new life as dog parents. First days of Summer.

A Walk in the Forest

Date: November 2019
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Soundtrack: Graeme Wylie
A frosty morning and one of our favorite things to do: spending time at the nearby forest together. Summer is the happiest running free amongst the leaves, and I love the wilderness in her when I remove her leash and I let her explore at her pace. Both of us enjoying nature in our own way.