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A new chapter

Moa has started Förskola (Swedish daycare) this week, and even if only for a few hours a day, I now...

A Summer of firsts

"Este año es diferente" says Graeme with endearment every time I leave the table before ten to get ...

Days by the sea

Days here, at my parents house, go at an even slower pace. We wake up whenever Moa wakes up, which g...

First days of maternity leave

It hasn't been easy for me to start this journal. In times when everything seems immediate, when ima...

"Invisible for those who pass by without looking, soulful and magic for an attentive gaze."

This project was born during my year of maternity leave, as a way of capturing memories in a time when it felt like everything slipped through my fingers. But also to have a space to myself, an excuse to sit down and enjoy some alone time when my daughter sleeps, and to keep myself inspired to create.

Without pretension, I aim for this space to serve me as a canvas where everything has place, where I can capture, create, collect, and share.

A collection of moments, thoughts and photographs. 
City Guides
A discerning selection of my favourite places to visit.
Memories of special near and far places.
Short films of trips and daily life moments.

Travel stories

A train up north

Graeme and I took a train from Stockholm very early in the morning, and after a three hours trip, we...

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